Welcome to Go Ecologico

We connect millions of eco-conscious buyers and eco-aligned sellers, empowering people to live a eco-friendly life

At Go Ecologico We believe in minimizing plastic pollution at the source by bringing together the brands that are eco-aligned with reusing and upcycling as much as possible and choosing a material that is kinder to our planet and healthier for us. We are also trying to bring together the products that are made by artisans, weavers and women of remote villages from different parts of India. As living sustainably is a journey, we would love you to join our journey to lead a low impact, cleaner and greener lifestyle.

Our Values


We commit to avoid plastic packaging and provide you with goods that are natural and
chemical-free and most of them are handmade.


We pledge to provide the best service to
our customer with the best quality
products with no hassle.


Customers are our driving force. With their
feedback and suggestions, we will try to improve every aspect of our service.

About the Founder

I Malvika Garg, founder of Go Ecologico have been living a low waste lifestyle since 2017. Due to the work commitments I lived in different cities across India. I realized that living an eco-conscious life is not easy if you try to do it all by yourself. Being a conscientious individual. I would go around finding eco-friendly brands and like minded people and in this process I was thrilled to have met some exceptional people doing great work in the field of sustainability their work inspired and encouraged me to create a platform through which everyone could contribute and reach a larger audience and have a positive impact on our planet.

Malvika Garg

Our Mission

We believe that each of us can make small changes in our lives that add up to make a big impact.  Our mission is to help you minimize the use of plastic that is polluting our beautiful planet. We want to empower you to live Plastic-free and Zero-waste lifestyle. We hope to inspire you to use your purchasing power as consumers to influence lawmakers by shaping market demand towards more Earth-friendly products and policies.

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